A long and circuitous path took this California girl from sunny climes to the great, wet north! We were looking for a change of scene, and found it up here in a little patch of moss and tasting rooms. I started out in the world of finance, but happily chucked it when baby girl number one arrived on the scene. Twenty four years (and another baby girl) later, I’m still happily in charge of hearth and home. Making a house a home has always been one of my greatest joys, and creating a peaceful environment for all of us to share in is a major focus. We live in an unusually lovely and verdant natural beauty spot, but there’s no denying that all that beautiful greenery come from … rain. There’s a reason that we are the state that leads the way in drive-thru coffee stands. Creating warmth and coziness is a worthwhile goal in this evergreen state of ours.