Books on my nightstand

They aren’t actually on my nightstand. I’m kind of a fast reader, and if I take a book to read in bed, I’m always negotiating with myself as in “Well, there are only 150 pages left, so I’ll be asleep by 1:30” and then I hate myself in the morning. But “Books on my little twisty table in the living room” is missing that certain je ne sais quoi. Anyway, here’s what I’m currently reading:


Sixty Degrees North: Around the World in Search of Home by Malachy Tallack

Travelogue, memoir, history and a story of one man’s attempt to find what makes home.  He travels west along the 6oth parallel, meeting with locals and describing community.  I’m nearly done.

Winter Tales by George Mackay Brown

Lovely set of short stories – started it last winter, but didn’t quite finish before the seasons changed.  Scottish poet from Orkney, all of the stories take place in a northern winter.

Travels in Siberia by Ian Frazier

Writer from The New Yorker tells of his travels and love affair with Russia, but especially his interest in Siberia.

The Ice Museum: In Search of the Lost Land of Thule by Joanna Kavenna

Part travelogue, part history, the writer takes on a journey to mythical Thule.  Started it before but set it down for unknown reasons so I am determined to finish it this winter. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I’m not expecting to get rich off of this “scheme”, but I thought linking the books to more info would be helpful. But that’s what I have to disclose.

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