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Here at Woods of Woodinville, we have a tendency to move on to the next job when we are ALMOST finished with the old one.  One room that got a lot of use but wasn’t very pretty was our den/study.  The family computer is in here, along with the printer, files, photos and quite a lot of our books.  It was a little girl’s room when we moved in, so I quickly painted out the pink and green with what I hoped was a rich, straw color.  Well, it turned out to be a LOT more mustardy than I expected.  And not a warm, Dijon mustard either, a lot more like French’s instead.  Oops.  Well, it did look better than the pastels for our purposes, and  we lived with that for awhile until we settled on a permanent plan.girlsroom

The biggest improvement we made was when we added the cabinetry .  I saw a rustic version in Sunset magazine that seemed to make the most of the space.

Photo: Jared Chandler (Couldn’t find the original to link back. :(( )

This is the largest house we’ve ever owned, but it really has the least amount of storage if you don’t count the barn, so I’m always looking to add something useful where we can. I gave my inspiration photo to my cabinet maker, and he said it would be easy to modify with Shaker style cabinetry painted in a soft cream.  Yay!   Anyway, we had the cabinets and built-in desk installed and painted, and we were so happy.  They look great and hold so many of our books and really importantly, they have LOADS of hidden storage.  I painted the room with Devine paints, Sand for the walls, and to add more blue sky than we sometimes get, I used a soft blue for the ceiling.   The painter used Devine Whip for the woodwork.  We added a new light, hung pictures that have meaning to us, got a comfortable new chair, and I even bought some beautiful linen fabric to make some unlined curtains for the window.  The window came with a pleated shade and we don’t have near neighbors so we don’t need much for privacy, but I thought it would bring just a touch of color and pattern and softness to the big glass window, and we do sometimes put an extra trundle in there for overflow guests.  Well, that fabric has been folded over the back of the chair mocking me for about…4 years now?  And frankly I’m probably being kind to myself when I admit to 4 years.  It may have been longer.  Oops again.

Part of the delay was that I bought a beautiful remnant of Fired Earth fabric from Ebay, and I was about 1/2 yard short of having enough  to give me 1.5 widths of fabric on each side, which is how I originally wanted to make it.  It has a 20″ pattern repeat, and I just couldn’t make it work.  I tried looking for another fabric, but finally decided I didn’t see another one I liked as well so I decided to try making it without any gathering at the top and just using clips to attach it to the pole. So during a beautiful stretch of very cold weather (gorgeous to see the plants covered in frost but not so nice to be outside for long) I finally dragged that fabric to sewing room and got started.  As usual the sewing took the least amount of time, it was the pattern matching and pinning and ironing that took the most time.

072 715

Isn’t this fabric gorgeous?
Coastal Grasses by Fired Earth









Mr. Woods of Woodinville, (or Mr. WoW as he now wants to be called!) installed the rods with sturdy wall anchors for me, so by the time I was finished sewing they were ready to hang.


I love the softness and color they bring to the space!  Goodness I wish I had done them earlier.  We were so inspired by the finishing touches we were compelled to clear out the cabinets and bookshelves and files so that everything looked how it was supposed to look.  It’s really a shame we will never be famous, because I am telling you we archive EVERYTHING!  Here is a visual of the file contents we were able to cull from the drawers.

719 718

I think it’s because we both started in finance, where you need to keep files of everything in case of audits or problems.  We had to laugh at pulling a file maked “Health Insurance Options” (not our actual plan, just the options) with the date 2004!  It’s either laugh or cry.  We made a pledge to go through them a little more carefully from now on.   Ten dollars and 10 minutes at The Shred Stop in town, and those papers are history.

Every in-box needs an orange cat!
This filing cabinet has an actual empty drawer!

725 720














Love having the room finished and looking so pretty.  I use my laptop in the living room for a lot of my computer noodling, but we still use this computer quite a bit and love the look of the room.  As I’m typing this, my High Schooler is stretched out next to me working on her homework, and that feels great to me.

Next week is Thanksgiving week, and I hope you will spend the day with friends and family and too much food.  I’ll be cooking over here, and I think we’ll number about 24 at the table this year.  November is my favorite month, and I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  No gifts to buy, just spending time with people you care about, sharing love and hospitality and remembering all of the things we have to be thankful about.  Wishing you a wonderful time, and Happy Thanksgiving.


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