New Year’s Resolutions

School starts in our district this week. Even though I haven’t been to school in a good, long time, the start of school feels like a new beginning to me. This is the year I’ll stay on top of my homework! This is the year I’ll work to my full potential! I don’t suppose this feeling lasts any longer than with most people’s New Year’s resolutions in January, but it still happens.  I may not ride my sting ray (with the gold banana seat!) down to T.G.&Y. to buy Pee Chees and rulers any longer, but  I’ve scheduled past due doctor’s appointments, dental exams, made my Costco shopping list (healthy lunches!), all to get this year off to a great start. No more procrastination! I’m Going To Get Things Done! This year my biggest resolution (aside from Working To My Full Potential, a perennial) is to let go of things having to be perfect before I can count them as done. To paraphrase my old friend Voltaire, I am going to stop letting perfect be the enemy of the good.  Started my vegetable beds months too late, so I used vegetable starts as well as seeds. You know what?  Good enough. We’ll still have fresh vegetables to harvest this fall, certainly more than if I didn’t plant anything because I can only do it from seeds.  I invited my folks over to have cobbler by the fire pit tonight to mark the end of summer vacation.  Even though we live in prime blackberry country (Ha!  Try to keep them OUT of your yard, and good luck to you!), I BOUGHT MINE AT THE STORE instead of heading out to pick my own.  The cobbler crust is made from scratch, but you know what?  I’ve used Bisquick as a topping, and that was pretty darn good, too.


Which brings to me to this blog.  Which I’ve started several times before.  But never published.  Because…it wasn’t perfect.  I had a hard time setting up the website.  I couldn’t get my photos to load.  And I don’t understand about white balance in photography, or how to style a photo, and half my photos are taken on my iPhone anyway. Or I don’t know exactly what to say.  Even though I want to say it.  And why do I have so many run-on sentences?  So here starts a new adventure.  Perfectly imperfect.  Kind of like my life.  Gotta run.  First-day-of-school ritual is going out for ice cream after school.  And that is perfectly perfect.

IMG_2738 IMG_2745


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