The (Stitch) Fix is in!

The balloons over Redhook
The balloons over Redhook


At our summer book group meeting (we don’t read any books for our group during the summer, we just meet at Redhook Brewery  in August to discuss dates and books and catch up on our summers), one member was talking about using Stitch Fix for updating her wardrobe.  I think she always looks very stylish and put together on her own, but she said it helped her try new items she might not have chosen for herself.  Fair enough.  My dress sense has gotten a little stale over the years, so I thought I might give it a little try.

stitch fix

It’s funny that I thought it was a good idea – usually I HATE when people choose things for me (I’m kind of a nightmare to buy gifts for) but I have to acknowledge that I no longer have my finger on the pulse of the fashion world or any world, for that matter.  (Even if my world is about the farthest  remove from NYFW as it can be, due to my being a suburban mom in the Pacific Northwest, an area that has a deserved reputation for being sartorially challenged.  That is despite the fact that Nordstrom is headquartered here!  I guess they aren’t magic.)  It doesn’t help that I no longer look like I did in my earlier years, when it was a lot more fun to go shopping when everything fit well.

It was super easy to sign up, and to get an idea of your style tastes, they have a series of outfits that you rate from hate to love, and then your stylist starts putting together some ideas for you.  A few weeks later, and just like it’s Christmas, a box of clothing and accessories shows up on your doorstep.


Inside the box were five items for me.  A peasant shirt, a green dolman sweater top, a marled cardigan, a scarf and a navy faux-wrap dress.  Actually I liked all of the items, but didn’t keep them all.  The dress was too short – need those knees covered – and the peasant top was too tight in places.  I was especially sad about that as I really liked the colors and fabric, and where it fit, it looked great.  I kept the long creamy scarf – because can a girl have too many?  I’ve already worn the green sweater out to date night, I didn’t have anything that color already, and I’ve worn the light sweater too.  We aren’t quite cold here yet, but it’s too cool for short sleeves now.


My favorite part of the package?  It had to be the little form that showed you each item, and what you might want to pair with it.  Brilliant!  That’s the part I find hard to do, but with the handy-dandy cheat sheet, it gave me lots of ideas.  And even though I didn’t keep the navy dress, I do have a nearly identical black one, and can use their styling ideas with that one instead.  🙂


After you try on the clothes and see what you like, you go to the check-out on your Stitch Fix page, and done!  They only charge you for the items you keep, and included in the box is a prepaid envelope for shipping back the things you don’t keep.  I just popped them in the bag, and popped it in the mailbox in town.

You can have automatic shipments set up for every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, or every three months.  You can skip a shipment or cancel at any time.   Right now I’m set for monthly shipments, and I’ll let you know what I think of their choices.  Prices?  On the intake form, you give ranges for what you would normally spend for items and I assume work that into your shipment.  I thought the prices were normal – I try to buy my clothes on sale, so I usually spend less, but they didn’t seem out of line for the items received.  I think I paid around $120 for the two tops and the scarf.  That seems about right.  There is a $20.00 styling fee, but it is applied towards your items if you keep any of them.

How about you?  Would you let someone else (albeit a trained professional) help choose your clothes for you?  So far I’m pretty happy with the service but I will keep you posted on how it continues.  This is not a sponsored post, by the way.  All opinions are completely my own.  (So many opinions!)  Stitch Fix has never heard of me other than as a customer, although it’s not like I’d be adverse to a little love from them.  😉  But if you do click on the hyper-links and set up a shipment, I think I get some kind of credit towards a future order.  Just letting you know.  Have a great week-end!



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